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With a team of passion-driven engineers, we build software with the care and precision that your idea deserves.


Our team of experts in all edges of building and maintaining digital products are capable of taking an idea scribbled on a napkin and bring it to reality in all its glory. We know how to stay close to your vision and add that special ingredient into the mix to make our product stand out from our passion and experience.


Brainstorm with our development and design team and formulate a plan to bring your vision into reality as in the digital product space.


Get involved in the build process and see your feedback reflected in every step of the development cycle.

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See your app in every store and your website work seamlessly on every platform at scale.

Our work

After building numerous products for clients across all continents, it's hard to pick only a few to showcase. Here's our current pick from that pool of projects even though we love every single one of those that couldn't make this list.


Fyon is a small word to capture what we really are. No matter how cheesy it sounds, Fyon really is nothing but the people behind it. We officially emerged as an agency recently but the people behind it have been working closely for a long time and below is the timeline of the products we built over time that made us what we are today.

  • 2016 - ongoing

    2016 - ongoing


    The first product built by the founder and co-founder/product designer really defined the direction we took later down the road. A product built simply for ourselves eventually grew into something used by thousands on a daily basis.

  • 2017 - ongoing

    2017 - ongoing


    Our most regular and certainly the favorite client. We have built a few very stable products over the years and continue to build and maintain successful projects to this day.

  • 2018 - 2019

    2018 - 2019


    A product that proved how fast we can build things and gave us the confident to take on bigger and bigger projects, realizing our true potential.

  • 2020 - ongoing

    2020 - ongoing


    A product that defines ones of our core values that we are dedicated to building community and empowering developers.

  • 2020 - ongoing

    2020 - ongoing

    c19 Italy

    Short living but timely projects like this is something we do with pride to serve the people around us.

  • 2021 - ongoing

    2021 - ongoing


    Scaling projects like this that has the potential to compete with tech giants while keeping our focus on customers make us more and more humble every day.

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Dream Team

We work as a unit at every step of the process. Titles below are purely indicative. In reality, every member of our team is capable of working autonomously and delivering results on their own but teamwork is what makes us stronger!

Foysal Ahamed
Foysal Ahamed

Founding Engineer

Nargis Suborna
Nargis Suborna

Product Designer

Rezwan Niloy
Rezwan Niloy

Lead Engineer

Shuvo Rahaman
Shuvo Rahaman

Fullstack Engineer

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